May 22nd Board


In Attendance:

Neil Mathison - ACSO / Member      Dan Hutchison - Board Member
Kurt Braisted - Board Member          Edward Hayes - Board Member
Justin Curtright - President                John Yelton - Vice President              
Thad Hoff - Member                         Cathi  Carr-Lundfeld - Member
Rick Jansen - Albany County EMA Coordnaitor

Thad Hoff briefed us on the status of the trailer and radio units. Cy and Thad installed both radios in the trailer over the weekend. For the Wyolink radio we are still in need of a larger power supply. The Board authorized Thad to purchase the appropriate size with a little room to add on if needed. (50 watt) The hand held radios are in the process of being cut over to narrow band, soon Cy will have the towers cut over as well. According to Thad and Justin within the next few months. There is discussion of getting an additional radio that would handle much of the same as the HAM. It would also be capable of FRS an GMRS, The radio being eyed is not available yet for purchase.

Rick Jansen the new EMA Coordinator for Albany County joined us this evening. Rick stresses he would like a clean slate and let the past go. The board agreed as none have a full recollection of what transited between CERT and  SAR in the past. Rick said funding is limited, but he does have many contacts and that we should not hesitate to contact him if were in need of help. Rick would also like it if we know of anyone that would be a willing volunteer to pass on their name to him.

The may 19th Swift water rescue training went well although the water was to low to do many exercises. SAR would like to thank Neil and Russ for their expertise  and willingness to train.

The Memorial Day dog show event still needs people to help out. It was brought to our attention that the fence at the north parking lot has been removed, and will cause problems with charging for parking.

John Yelton and Cathi Carr-Lundfelt volunteered to attend the planning meetings as SAR representatives for the county wide full scale exercise starting June 5th.

We are still waiting to schedule a meeting with the Sheriffs office.

Future training being looked at: First Aid, ATV, Map and Compass.
Future events: Group BBQ, Freedom has a Birthday, Jubilee Days Parade