April 17th Board Meeting


ACSAR April 17th Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes and Notes

7:08 Meeting was called to order and first to be discussed is the situation with radios.
Justin reported he had been in contact with Lt. Fritzen at the S/O and he is in possession of the Unit for the MULE.  Justin Plans to have it in his possession in the next two weeks after Lt. Fritzen returns to Laramie. An antenna will be needed and it is not known if we currently have one for it.
Neal is looking into what the power requirements will be for the new radio and will talk to Cy Cass about what he recommends.  The old radio system has been pulled out of the CERT trailer and needs to be installed as well. John is going to talk to Thad Hoff and see if we can get that going soon. Installing the radios need to be put on a high priority. The Mule will be used for the dog show; we want to have all installation done prior to that.

Neil says there is room to park the Mule at the County Building. Power will be needed to maintain batteries. Neal will finish checking on that.

Handheld radios currently owned by SAR need to be cut over to narrow band by Jan 1 2013. Thad Hoff has the equipment and the knowledge to do so. Taking a couple and doing the reprogram has been suggested and Thad has offered to do so for testing.

Justin has talked to the S/O and is working on scheduling a meeting with them A.S.A.P to discuss their vision for SAR. He will let the officers and board know possible times soon.

The Board of Directors are discussing placing/following minimum training requirements for participation in call outs. This is may be determined in part by what the Sheriff has to say as far as what they want to see.  The purposed basics would be:  CRP, First Aid/ Wilderness First Aid, Basic Crime Scene Management, and NIMS IC-700. The ROP’s provide a good foundation for the levels of training and will be studied more as the guideline we follow.

John said the two place trailer is in need of repairs. The deck and Wiring are shot. He has researched the cost and says it can be done for a $100. It was brought up by Justin that the S/O had another trailer that may be better/ lighter than the current two place. No one is sure on the status of that trailer. It was decided that for $100 even if it were not to be used, it would be easier to sell in better condition. And it was given the go ahead on the repair.

The Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of Sean Coffman as secretary. Sean has accepted a new director position with the American Red Cross in Fargo ND. We would like to thank Sean and wish him the best of Luck.

Dan has been working on a new website. There are a lot of possibilities with what it can do. At this time it is very basic and everyone is invited to voice their ideas.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15pmIn Attendance:
Neil Mathison ACSO                       Dan Hutchison Board Member
Travis Wright Board Member      Kurt Braisted Board Member
Edward Hayes Board Member   Justin Curtright President
John Yelton VP