April Meeting Minutes


30 APR 2013

1901 Meeting start

1911 financial report/Training report

  • Firecraft class, need to keep skills up to date (all skills)
  • Cathi instructed search basics to UW posse
  • We need to keep practicing together to build the team
  • Torrington re-scheduled traing to July
  • Still working on “managing the search” class

1915 reminder; stillneed more people for dog show volunteer, it is the biggest event for us

1916 picked up 20w solar panels, moving trailer from Mike and Vicki’s to the county yard, we will need       to check on it more often because of the move, check that batteries are still good

  • Please check out the website for information, especially the new points system
  • Comments are encouraged
  • Oil leak on generater still needs fixed

1920 (Harold) move to adjourn

Training for the meeting is Ropes & Knots