Board Meeting 21-MAR-2013


Time      Subject

1902     We started our regular board meeting with a discussion about a possible joint effort with a seperate agency for fund raising. This agency is called

              West Lake Events. WLE would come in, establish a variety of fund raising activities (i.e. concerts, kids plays) and we would receive a

              guaranteed amount of the proceeds. The contract with this agency would be 3 years. A decision was not made about this yet, as we would like to

             investigate this further.

1918     The annual fundraising letter was brought up with the suggestion that we should include what the funds this year would be put towards.

1920     The MLPI class that Cathi has been working on would be available date: T.B.D.. The instructor has said that he only needs cost of travel to come and

             offer the class for us. We would also like to find out if the Sheriff's office has any interest in sending any deputies to this class.

1930     Cathi also brought up training in April. This coming month's training would be fire starting (using various methods) along with trailer orientation.

             We are hoping that this training take place at the First Training Center to mitigate risk of setting several small fires.

1935     Justin (President) will OOS (Out of Service) for most of April

1940     The issue of elections upcoming was brought up. We do not have an adequate amount of people for the various positions up for election. This includes

             Board members. The Board and officers discussed it, and it will be allowed for Officers to also serve as a Board member.

1952     High Angle Training; was discussed. with no further information about when a possible training would be held, the Board decided to set up a firm date 

             for High Angle training. If need be, we will pull from outside sources to instruct this course.

1956     R.O.P. overview

                    -all changes to R.O.P.'s were approved by board and officers.

2028     Dan would like to cover call out procedures during the next meeting

2035     We discussed the organization of the monthly meetings

                    - Board meeting minutes as well as monthly meeting minutes will be posted online so that anyone can read at any time before a meeting.

                    - Have a set agenda for meeting for those that want to attend training but do not want to discuss business.

                    - we want to encourage more participation from members by possibly ackowledging their efforts within the group

                    - we would also like to encourage more people to come and volunteer

2040       Meeting adjourned