June 2017 Board Meeting Minutes


ACSSAR June Board Meeting

June 20, 2017

Dan called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.


  • Paige announced that tshirts were ordered and have arrived.

  • A few personal check donations were received this month.

  • McAlister Tea fundraiser was discussed, we need a few more volunteers before we can commit to doing this.

  • Elevation celebration was discussed; Lisa is preparing a poster to use at public events like this.


  • Dry suits

    • There is a possibility of getting a grant through Firehouse subs grant to help with the cost of dry suits.

    • We need a better description of what exactly our group needs/wants before applying for the grant.

  • The new 4wheeler trailer needs a new spare tire.

  • Snowmobiles need to be summarized.

  • The condition of the Zodiak was discussed. It will need an AIS permit.


  • A mock search will be held on Sunday June 25.

  • High angle snow field training will be held on July 9th

  • A land navigation class will be held on September 16th/17th. Rodney will book the LFD Station 3 training room.

  • Airlife will do a training with our group in June/July/August

  • We would like to do a Lake recognition training. Paige will head this up and gather the materials needed.


  • Dan will talk to Matt about the status of the window hangars.

  • Dan will look into getting mesh vests.

  • The group will not participate in freedom has a birthday but will do Jubilee Days instead.

    • Paige will submit an application for the parade.

  • Thankful Thursday will be mentioned to the group to gauge interest.

  • A motion was made to reimburse Paige and Bob up to 50% for the Joel Hardin tracking class costs. Both were approved.


  • Policy changes will be sent out to the group again for review.


In attendance: Neil, Paige, Dan, Kurt, Bob, Liberty, and Rodney.