October ACSSAR Board Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 7pm on October 18.


  • A new 4 wheeler was purchased along with 2 helmets and 4 sets of googles.

  • Donations from the Rob DeBree Memorial fund were received and were very appreciated.

  • The fundraising letter is in the works. If you are interested in helping please contact Paige.


  • A completed resource list has been sent to the sheriff’s office.

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    One new 4-wheeler purchased

  • One of the older 4-wheelers is now functional and running well. The other one is still not running well and we will likely sell this one.

  • The 4-wheeler trailer has new tires and tie downs.


  • A new member calss was held on Monday October 17th

  • An avalanche level 1 course will be available through the ski patrol and UW Outdoor program. Dates are TBA.


  • More patches were purchased.

  • Brenna made a motion to buy 100 window hangers with the SAR logo. Curt 2nd the motion and all were in favor.

  • A policy dinner will be held on November 15 at 6:30pm. All are welcome to join.

The meeting was adjorned at 8:30pm.

In attendance: Paige H., Brenna N., Neil M., Curt B., Harold M., Alan S., Rodney, Dan H., Lisa Z., Matt B.