ACSSAR September Board Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 7pm.

Paige provided a financial summary of the last month.

McAlisters is no longer doing their night out fundraiser. They may however have other options for us.
The fundraising letter is in the works and Paige has requested help to get these sent out as well as completing thank you notes.
The idea of placing donation jars at the Game and Fish office was brought up and will be looked into.


Dry suits: Matt’s department at UWYO may have options for dry suits. Matt will be looking more into this.
Raidio location/ Gear storage was discussed again. Possible options will be discussed with the S.O. for what could be placed in the SAR yard.
The ATV’s have been getting worked on, one is running well and the other still needs some work. Options for keeping one and buying a new one have been discussed and will be decided upon in the future.


A new member class is tentatively in the works for November
An Inland SAR class will be held on May 3rd & 4th 2017


Helmet involved injuries were discussed and the possibility of having a group wide protocol on this. More information from our medically trained members will be sought.
Patches, stickers, window hangers and t-shirts are running out. The board decided to place orders to restock our supplies.
Coins in memory of Rob Debree are available and we will place a group order for those who are interested.
For all who are interested our group will meet at Thankful Thursday at the Old Corral on September 29th.
Jelm Mountain Run will take place on Saturday September 24.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.

In attendance: Lisa Z, Kurt B, Alan S, Mat A, Paige H, Matt B, Neil M, Brenna N, Dan H.