While we would like to tell you about every mission we participate in, we are unable to do so unless the Albany County Sheriff's Office releases information.

At 10:56 (1/25/2014 )this morning Albany County Sheriff's Search & Rescue received a request for a call-out for four lost snowmobilers overdue from a Friday ride in the Snowy Range above Albany. We responded with several teams and support personnel along with teams from the Sheriffs Office.

At approximately 1750 cell phone contact was established with the missing party. From that communication, it was established the party was near the junction of C and S trails.

At 1925 a stand down was received and all four were safe.

Thank you to those that responded!


Update: Official News Release from the Albany County Sheriff's Office.

ACSSAR Board Meeting 21-Jan-14

Meeting started at 1900, Dan handed out the agenda and we began with old business. We discussed uniforms; vests were quoted at $125. We would have to do a 20 minimum order in order to get a discount. We are hoping to get at least 12 people to volunteer to pay for their own. Dan is going to get some quotes for prices (bulk) Kurt moved for a vote to get the quote, motion carried.

Cathi handed out a new training schedule for 2014. The agenda for CPR/1st Aid has changed slightly; the class scheduled for the 1st will just cover 1st CPR. We also are required to provide each student with a CPR mask upon qualification but Red Cross no longer supplies.  CPR will take place at a later date. Dan motions to spend $200 for CPR masks, Cathi seconds and motion carries. A Wilderness 1st aid class will be tentatively scheduled for June or July.

We continue to evaluate the training schedule; the swift water class will include ropes and knots. We hope to bring in an instructor for man tracking to gain some tracking awareness for everybody. Due to complications and an increase in trainings Justin proposes breaking down the discipline trainings with the individual picking which discipline they wish to develop in.

Matt proposes having prerequisite classes before tackling specialized classes.

Still need to conduct more pack checks

New Business:

March Elections will be coming up; Cathi proposes assembling a committee for nominations.

Voting member status was discussed with a voting member being someone who 1) has attended 6 or more meetings/trainings and 2) has a successful application 3)has at least made half of their events since application approval.

Vicki wants to do another CD for March for $2000. Dan moves for approval and motion carries

A central location for hard copies of records was decided at the Sheriff’s Office. Justin will look into it.

Cathi passed out e-mails that discuss a dog team seminar; she would like to bring a trainer in. We will need extra commitment from non-k9 people as well to help support this mission.

Dan did an overview of the email newsletter and how it tracks certain statistics.

We still need member information for the website

Justin talks about fundraising options available for us. McAllister’s does sponsorship that we could do. Dominoes does something similar with an attached leaflet to their pizza boxes. We could put up brouchers that describe our mission and our trainings. The board decides to look into these further.

Justin and Dan sat down with the Sheriff and a deputy and discussed the progress over the past 2 years. They are willing to assist us in many different ways. The SO would like to see us conduct more training.

A mounted SAR team was discussed; availability would be the first hurdle. We talked about a link up with the Cheyenne team. More research will be required at this point.

The SO also brought up the idea of a mobile canteen/mess. They would be willing to reimburse costs of food stuffs purchased the day of use.

Fundraising letter needs to be started this month. Our goal last year was radios and we were successful. We also need more ideas for what to shoot for this year.

The Board and officers also reviewed several new member applications, results to be discussed further.

Meeting adjourned at 2120


In Attendance







Matt (conference call)


Attendance: Dan, Matt, Kurt, Neil, Justin

Topics of discussion:
1)    Vests
  a.    Ski Area Supply – Deluxe Vest, Orange w/black yoke, reflective 1’’ strip on chest/back, give one option and see if there are any objections and who are willing to pay
  b.    Expense – Personal vs. SAR, partial payment,
  c.    Deposit for new members could go towards vest cost
2)    January meeting – Tabletop training after meeting for lost snowmobiler, from previous search w/more than 1 lost party (Kathy, Dan, Neil)
3)    Pack Check – Lists -  after crime scene, break up into groups, board/chair member each lead a small group
4)    Donation jars- Matt/Dan
5)    Holiday Dinner – Matt - DATES AVAILABLE 6th or 13th or Thursday nights? (Old Corral – Brent and Myra Gates*), (Bernie’s – 12/6 is open $11.50/person buffet), (Altitude –)
6)    Training -  Upcoming (Justin – highangle, water/technical) Avy – Dan/Cathy, WRF – Neil, Schedule – Cathy
7)    Shed – need place for gear, rental, trailer, Dan’s house?
nistrator, display this info on the title bar.
8)  Discussion and vote of member proposed fundraiser.

ACSSAR Meeting 29-Oct-13

1900 – Meeting start, Justin and Dan discussed the board meeting topics that were brought up last week, Dan also passed out the year budget break downs. The focus next year for spending will be training, either by getting members out for training or by bringing trainers in to Albany County.

CPR training is scheduled for January 2014 (2 separate Saturdays). There is a sign up roster on the back of the sign in paper.

With several new members present, everyone introduces themselves, Dan also handed out a new member information sheet. There is a short orientation as to who we are as a group, what we do, and what the meetings consist of.

Vicki handed out and discussed the financial report

Last Saturday the Fire Dept has set up some High angle training, Neil talked about the training, along with key points and lessons learned. –Working Safely –snowmobile training –flight for life –transporting patients via 4 wheeler.

Matt brought up that it’s always good to show off our high angle skills, and now ACSSAR has dedicated equipment so that people who do not have their own equipment can climb as well.

Next month there will be a pack check, a list of what is required is on the website. 

Cathi brought up that she and several other members are still into training K9’s in town. Trainings are usually held on the weekend and on Wednesdays.

A holiday get together is proposed for the purpose of socializing, almost all members are interested, more details to follow. Cathi brought up that this could be in conjunction with the parade.

1930 – Harold moves to adjurn, Kurt 2nd

Training tonight was Avalanche Awareness

Albany County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue is currently recruiting new members for the organization. The organization provides: Ground Search, 4X4, High Angle Mountain Rescue, Search K-9, Snowmobile and ATV rescue units throughout Albany County.

Albany County Wyoming consists of 4309 square miles of varying terrain with various environmental conditions. This requires members to have above average endurance and to feel comfortable in the great outdoors in extreme conditions. Searching can be very rewarding but also very draining, both physically and emotionally. Our unit is also called upon to conduct evidence searches when the need arises.

Persons interested in volunteering for the program must be able to attend related training and meetings. Volunteers are trained in many aspects of search and rescue, including search techniques, land navigation, rescue and recovery and first aid. Additional training is often offered throughout the region and costs are often subsidized for members.

Meetings and trainings are held at 7pm in the Albany County Commissioners Chambers on the last Tuesday of every month excluding December. There is an application fee of $15 refundable if you are denied membership, all in-house training is provided free of charge.

If you are interested in participating and have question please contact us!

Application to join can be downloaded here: APPLICATION

ACSSAR Board Meeting 22 October 2013

1900 – Meeting start – Dan begins the meeting with the budget and handed out a yearly report that Vicki made. We went over what is predicted to spend during the next year (2014). Dan brought up that funds thus far are going to the right places (upkeep, training, equipment ect..) and that if we want to train harder it won’t be that hard to earn more. Cathi moves to approve the proposed budget, Matt 2nd and carries.

Dan proposed to do a pack check during the November meeting.

We went over the recruitment letter with Dan who also wants to put it up on the Facebook page. The training letter was approved by the Board and Dan will put it up in the next couple of days.

CPR training was discussed as some members are coming up on renewal. Travis is scheduling in January for the full course which would be a 7 hour class. Travis also will do 2 separate classes on 2 Saturdays in January. Dates that are approved; the 11th and 25th of January.

Application fees will resume for covering the cost of t-shirts. Cathi moves to approve, Dan 2nd, motion carries.

Travis is working on grants to obtain new 4 wheelers. The problem is that when we do use 4 wheelers, they are mostly personal ones that are brought by the searcher. Travis is also working on obtaining grants for training funds, this money would only cover the actual class cost and no gratuity. Dan wants to hold off on any action on our current 4 wheelers until we have more information on the grants proposal.

New members: NTR at this time

1955 Meeting adjourned


In Attendance

Dan Hutchinson

Cathi Carr-Lundfelt

Josh Hurt

Neil Matheson

Travis Wright

Matt Allshouse (conference call)

ACSSAR Meeting 24-Sept-2013

1900 – Meeting start, Dan to run the meeting due to Justin being Out of Service. Dan handed out the financial report for Vicki (out with illness). Matt reports that the t-shirts will be ready by tomorrow, the banner is also finished (and was brought in).

Old Business: Jelm Mountain was successful, nothing too exciting happened. There was one recovery done after the race, but was unrelated to the race.

Dan reminds everyone that cold weather is moving in, please make sure your pack in ready accordingly. Hunters are also out and about so please be prepared.

Training tonight will be search strategy and tactics

1915 – Move to Adjourn (Harold) 2nd (Kurt)

Meeting Called to Order @ 1900

Jim VanCise presented an introduction to CASIE III tot he members in Attendance. CASIE III is  Search &  Rescue Management Software Package free to Download. Jim gave a high level overview into some of the functionality.

The BOD is planning on further exploring the Software as we see it as a vital piece to improving our performance and record keeping.

There is a meeting planned Oct 1st @ 7:00 pm to further play with the software and explore its functionality. The Following board Meeting will also be utilized in learning CASIE III.

20:10 - This months meeting and training will be Search Tactics, Cathi, Neil, and Dan will be presenting.

Jelm Mtn Run is this weekend, Travis is bringing Radios and 4 wheelers. Plan to meet between 0745 and 0815 at Jelm Mountain turn.

Shirts have been ordered and should be done Monday 23rd.

There are several trainings happening Locally this fall. MBNSP is hosting and OEC Class for the Ski Patrol, it is unknown if we can participate with out becoming Ski Patrol members.Neil is going to find out for us.

OAP has an NOLS Wilderness First Aid class coming up in December for anyone interested. Also several options for Avalanche training coming up.

Radios were also a short topic of conversation. Justin is working with Jerry Hamann to determine what radios can still be used.

Board made a motion to approve 1/2 expense for Travis to attend the Grant Writing class on our behalf.

Meeting adjourned at 2100

Attendance: Neil Mathison, Dan Hutchison(b), Justin Curtright, Kurt Braisted(b), Cathi Carr-Lundfelt(b), Harold Magness, Jim Van Cise, Travis Wright(b)

(b) = Board Member





0145 - Call was received from Albany County Sheriffs Office requesting ground search personnel to assist in locating a missing hunter in the Snowy Range near Centennial Wyoming. Volunteers from ACSSAR deployed as a team and were in route, around 0630 received a stand down from IC as the individual had been located and was safe back at camp after experiencing mechanical difficulties.

Albany County Meeting 27 AUG 2013

1900 – Meeting start, minutes from board meeting was read with additional information being provided by Matt and Justin. Vicki handed out the monthly financial report and gave a brief on them. Cathi read off upcoming training schedule to include the “Working With SAR dogs”. Cathi also requested that the training committee get together soon to plan for 2014. Cathi will also try to get avalanche awareness training before the season hits. The members that attended the training on the 24th gave a brief over what happened, Josh suggested that the same trainer be brought in to Laramie to teach ACSSAR. Jelm mountain will happen before the next meeting. Justin gave a description on what will most likely happen.

1921 – Matt brings up that most people are unaware that SAR donations on hunting licenses. Given this information, Matt proposes that we put up some donation jars around town. He will get with the board and ask around, Justin will ask the S.O..

1924 – Cathi would like to remind everyone to ‘like’ the ACSSAR Facebook page.

1929 – We are going to go over the member list again for the next board meeting

1930 – Move to adjourn (Harold) Matt 2nd

1935 – Training: Working with SAR Dogs with Josh Hurt and Cathi Carr-Lundfelt

Board Meeting 20-AUG-13

1900 – Meeting Start, Cathi has the attendance up to date for the board and officers to review. She needs more information on the additional attendance from trainings, call-outs, ect. for records, Dan was able to provide the numbers from those that she was missing. Discussion is if members have zero participation with little or no excuse than they can be dismissed. The by-laws state that a person has to participate in (6) activities/meetings in order to remain active. Several members were evaluated do to their low, or zero participation, no actions will be taken tonight though. An e-mail will be sent out to all in regards to what needs to be done to remain an active member of ACSAR.

1920 – We have a few new members, some that already have outstanding attendance in meetings and training alike. The 3 members (Brenna Noll,Yvette Widman and Trula Carter) that were discussed are voted to be admitted as provisional members (Dan with Travis 2nd, motion passed). With new members, we will be planning basic certifications soon, most likely January.

1933 – T-shirts: cheapest place is Laramie screen printing. Shirts would be braze orange with logo, $10.50 ea. for 100% cotton, 50% cotton 50% poly would be $11.50 with colors being slightly different. 100% poly would be $13.50 with same color options as cotton. The banner would be $67+(full color with logo and website). Matt would be willing to pick it up on one of his CO trips. We are going to push forward with the banner, the shirts are awaiting size information. Justin brought up increasing the membership fee to cover the cost of the t-shirt. While the initial shirt would be covered by ACSSAR, any additional shirt’s cost would be covered by the member.

Climbing gear was quoted to Matt as well. Harness, belay device, daisy chain, locking caribiners, all comes out to $393.00 (setups for 3 people) normal is over $500.00. Travis moves for 3 setups, Cathi 2nds, motion carries.

2000 – Paging system: Dan now has the system to do a mandatory voice dial for all call-outs. The inclusion of the call has increased response already to call-outs. We also had a discussion about having a reserve or secondary briefing contact that would be in town during a call. The website now is starting to have profiles up on the ACSSAR website.

2012 – the SAREX will be on Sat Aug 24th from 9 am to 4 pm at the Happy Jack Rec Area. There looks to be a good showing, and a good training. There will be more high-angle training throughout the year, next meeting will be working with SAR dogs training.

2019 – meeting adjourned

In Attendance

Justin Curtright

Matt Allshouse

Dan Hutchinson

Cathi Carr-Lundfelt

Harold Magness

Travis Wright

Josh Hurt

0933 hr  August 4th - ACSSAR  was called for a second time this week with a Stand-By request from the Albany County Sheriff's Office. Search teams were requested to prepare for a search near Laramie Peak and Friend Park. Two 25 year olds were reported as missing in the area. While Deputy Patrols were sent to the area to determine the Last Known Location, it was determined that both were in fact fine and not in any danger. A Stand Down call was received at 1041.