While we would like to tell you about every mission we participate in, we are unable to do so unless the Albany County Sheriff's Office releases information.

On 13 September 2016, the Albany County Sheriff’s Office located the body of Jerome “Jerry” Elmore in the Snowy Range west of Laramie. A search and rescue mission had been planned to take place in the area where Elmore’s rental vehicle had been located. Before the search got underway, the Laramie Area Records and Communications received a 911 call from a hunter who reported finding a dead body in the area of the primary search area.

Deputies of the Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene and found Elmore deceased in the National Forest several hundred yards from his vehicle. The County Coroner’s Office also responded and conducted their own investigation.

In spite of requests from the media and posts on social media sites for updated information, the Sheriff’s Office was unable to provide any updated information until they were certain the next of kin had been notified.

The meeting was called to order at 7pm.

Dan provided a financial summary of the last month.


  • Dry suits were discussed again this month. A grant has been found that we can apply for to cover the cost of the new dry suits our group needs.

  • The group has received six new wyolink radios. Disscussion was held on where and how to store the new and existing radios.

  • A resource list has been compiled to provide the Sherriff’s Office. This list will provide them with all resources and specifically trained personal we have available.


  • A new member training was held Wednesday July 13. More new member trainings will be coming up in the future.

  • There will be an upcoming CPR/FA training

  • A Wilderness First Aid class is planned for August 6th& 7th.

  • A yoga class requested our CPR instructors in order to teach a class for them. A date will be set for a weekend in September.

Meeting Topics

  • High Altitude Health given by Annie for this month’s meeting.

  • Cell phone and locator technology training tentatively planned for September’s meeting.


  • August board meeting will be moved up a week to August 16th.

  • The mountain bike team is looking for more members and plans to ride on Mondays.

Medical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Sone Temple 8 will be Saturday September 10th

  • Laramie Enduro will be August 6th and is in need of volunteers

The status of new members was discussed before adjourning the meeting at 8:20pm.

In attendance: Kurt B., Lisa Z., Brenna N., Dan H., Alan S., Mat B., Matt A., Harold M.

The June meeting began at 7pm on Tuesday June 28. Lisa gave a review of the June board meeting minutes. Dan gave a financial report.

The upcoming events were announced and are as follows:

  • New member class scheduled for Wednesday July 13 at 6:30pm

  • Mock search scheduled for Saturday July 16th

  • CPR/FA/AED class is in the process of being scheduled for the end of July

  • More high angle/snowfield classes are going to be planned. Beginner classes for those who may be interested will likely be taking place soon.

  • Wilderness first Aid class for instructors and WFA certification will be held either August 6th or 13th

The meeting was adjourned and followed by a radio communication table top exercise.

At 1757hr this evening (7/11/2016) ACSSAR was called to assist in locating a three year old missing in the Vedauwoo Beaver Ponds area. At approximately 1900hr the child was located and returned safe to her family with the help of others hikers in the area. 14 ACSSAR personel deployed to lend a hand, along with numerous members of the Albany County Sheriff's Office, Wyoming Highway Patrol, US Forest Service, Laramie Fire Department and an Airlife Denver helicopter out of Cheyenne also assisted in the search!

6/29/2016 1200

ACSSAR was requested by Albany  County Sheriff’s Office to assist in locating three hikers in the Laramie Peak area, near Black Mountain.  Six ACSSAR members were in route when approximately 1345 the hikers were located and return safely to their vehicle.  All SAR members return safely to Laramie by 1430.

Brenna opened the meeting at 7pm. Paige conducted a financial report and discussed options for a fundraiser at McAlister’s this fall.


Grant options and estimates for purchasing more dry suits for the swift water team were discussed. The 4-wheelers are in the process of getting worked on to see if they will run before we decide to sell them.


  •  New member class scheduled for Wednesday July 13 at 6:30pm
  • Mock search scheduled for Saturday July 16th
  • CPR/FA/AED class is in the process of being scheduled for the end of July
  • More high angle/snowfield classes are going to be planned. Beginner classes for those who may be interested will likely be taking place soon.
  • Wilderness first Aid class for instructors and WFA certification will be held either August 6th or 13th


Updates to the membership application include a description of the 6 month probationary period and the following questions: how long are you going to be here, why you want to join the group, do you hold a valid drivers license.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting and all were in favor.

In attendance: Brenna, Neil, Alan, Curt, Paige, Bob, and Lisa.


At 7pm Dan called the meeting to order. Paige conducted a finance report.


  • Trailer logo replacement was discussed. The logos were replaced and looked good.

  • Mapping software was purchased and is working well.

  • The potential need for more swift water dry suits was discussed.

  • ACSSAR will be receiving 6 new WyoLink radios from EMA.


  • A new member class was held in May and went well. Another class will be held within the upcoming months.

  • Tip Top SAR offered to provide helicopter training for our group. June 25th is the pending date for this training.

  • A Mock Search is scheduled on July 16th

  • Wilderness first Aid will take place on July 9th-10th

  • A reschedule date for the High Angle snowfield training is being planned.

  • Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Service class will be June 10-12

Meeting Topics

  • Upcoming meeting topics were discussed. The May general meeting topic will be on swift water rescue with an emphasis on ropes and safety.


  • The Dog Show was discussed. Volunteers to help work this fundraiser are still needed and encouraged to sign up. Visit the ACSSAR website and go to the Events Calander tab to sign up.


  • Annie stepped down as the Mountain Bike Team lead. Matt Allshouse will take over as the lead person of this team.

  • Participating in the Freedom has a birthday celebration on July 4th was discussed. Participation in this event will be dependent on how many are available that weekend.

  • On July 3rd the 7200 Elevation Celebration in Centennial will take place from Noon-7pm. Proceeds will benefit Centennial Valley Fire Department and ACCSAR.

  • Due to conflicts the June Board meeting will be held on Tuesday June 14th at the new UL Building.

Policy Changes

  • The proposed policy changes had previously been available for comment by members. After being open for comment Matt made a motion to accept the new policy changes. The motion passed with unanimous approval.

New Members

  • The status of new members was discussed including those needing to take the new member class and individuals awaiting board approval.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting and all were in favor.


In Attendance:

Dan Hutchison, Brenna Noll, Lisa Zezas, Neil Mathison, Mat Burkhart, Alan Sinicki, Matt Allshouse, Harold Magness, Bob Meyer, Paige Hellbaum.

Dan Hutchison called the meeting to order, Paige Hellbaum conducted a financial report, followed by a summary of April’s Board Meeting minutes given by Lisa Zezas. Dan then discussed the upcoming events including the following:

  • DOG SHOW– May 28th - 30th

    • This is one of our larger fundraisers of the year. A signup sheet was passed around, however anyone interested after the meeting may still sign up.

  • New Member Class – May 4th

    • This class is required to be placed on the active callout list. If you are a new member and are available please sign up for this class.

  • CPR and First Aid – May 16th & 18th

  • Man Tracking

    • In House – May 14th @ 9am

    • Lusk – June 10th - 12th

  • High Angle Snow Field –TBD

  • Mock Search - TBD

Dan also announced that there is an ICS Logistics and Support Team forming, any persons interested should see Chad Dinges for more details. Medical support volunteer opportunities are needed at the Goudy Grinder on May 22, see Annie for more details.

At 7:20pm Harold made a motion to adjourn, the motion received a second and all were in favor.

Following the meeting a training on Ropes and Knots was given. Several types of knots, rope types, and litter packaging were covered in the training.

At 7:00 p.m. Dan called the April Board meeting to order. Paige conducted a financial report of donations and expenses during the last month.


The need and cost of replacing/installing logos on the SAR trailers was brought up. Brenna made a motion to replace the weathered logo on the IC Trailer, and install lettering on both sides of the small, enclosed SAR Trailer. Curt seconded the motion and all were in favor. The motion passed.

The next item of business was the need for mapping software. Curt made a motion to purchase Terrain Navigator Pro and Brenna seconded. All were in favor; the motion passed.

Due to the increasing group size at the regular monthly meetings the need for a projector was discussed. The potential for using the projector for First Aid/CPR classes as well as on searches/debrief was also brought up. Curt made a motion to purchase a Veiwsonic projector, carrying case, and HDMI cable; Brenna seconded and all were in favor. The motion passed.


Upcoming trainings were discussed; the trainings are as follows:

  • A new member training is scheduled for Wednesday May 4th. The time and locate is TBA.

  • The spring mock search is being planned for mid-May.

  • The High Angle Snow Field training scheduled for April 17th was canceled due to weather and will be rescheduled.

  • Tracking training will be held May 14th

  • CPR/FA/AED Training will be held May 9th/11th or 16th/18th (will be determined based on instructor availability)

  • A Joel Hardin Professional Tracking class is scheduled for June 10-12.

  • EMR, WEMT, WFA options for the group were discussed and it was decided that WFA would be the best option at this time. Dates and times are to be determined.

  • General Meeting training topics were discussed. More hands on training options were discussed as well as the upcoming meeting topics.


The Dog Show scheduled for May 29-30th was discussed, the contract looked over, and approved. A sign-up sheet will be available at the April General Meeting.

Medical volunteer opportunities were discussed. These opportunities include:

  • Goudy Grinder: Sunday May 22Time: 8:00-5:00

  • Stone Temple 8:Saturday September 10Time: 8:00-5:00



Goals for 2016 were discussed. Goals include specialty group standards, fundraising/grants, equipment inventory, establishing a support team, and officer position documentation.

New Board Member/Officer information and the status of new applicants/those awaiting approval were addressed.


Brenna made a motion to adjourn, the motion was seconded, and all were in favor.



In attendance:

Lisa Zezas, Neil Mathison, Brenna Noll, Alan Sinicki, Dan Hutchison, Matt Burkhart, Paige Hellbaum, Bob Meyer, Harold Magness, Curt Braisted, Matt Allshouse.


Dan called the March monthly meeting to order, Dane read the minutes from the March board meeting, and Paige conducted a financial report. Dan then discussed upcoming events which included CPR and first aid recertifications in April, a new member class in April, in-house man tracking training April 2 at 9:00 AM, tracking training in Lusk June 10-12, and wilderness first aid for some time in the summer. 

Chad was looking to set up an Incident Command System (ICS) logistics and support team for anyone interested. Elections were then discussed. All present candidates were introduced and the roles of each position were discussed. Ballots had been handed out to each eligible member as they arrived at the meeting. Harold moved to adjourn that portion of the meeting and a break was taken. Detective Meyer and Deputy Schlager then led a class on crime scene awareness and management. 

Tyler and Dane counted the ballots and announced the coming year's officers and board members: Dan Hutchinson as president, Matt Burkhart as vice president, Paige Hellbaum as treasurer, and Lisa Zezas as secretary. The board members elected were Brenna Noll (2 year term), Kurt Braisted (1 year term), Neil Mathison (2 year term), and Alan Sinicki (1 year term).

Cy from Laramie Fire then led a class on drone technology and application. 

The 2016 elections were held at the March 29th meeting.
Congratulations to the 2016 ACSSAR Officers and Board!

The 2016 results are as follows:
President: Dan Hutchison
Vice President: Matt Burkhart 
Treasurer: Paige Hellbaum
Training: Yvette Widman
Secretary: Lisa Zezas

Board Members:
(1yr) Alan Sinicki
(1yr) Kurt Braisted
(2yr) Neil Mathison
(2yr) Brenna Noll

Here's to another great year with ACSSAR!
And thank you to Dane Purmalis and Chris Armstrong for the past years service!

Dan called the March board meeting to order and Paige conducted a financial report. The logo on the IC trailer is still in need of replacement and we are waiting to hear back from a business on a quote. Dan will look into going with an alternative company. More toner is needed for the trailer's printer and will be ordered in the future. 

Upcoming events and training include a new member class, a spring mock search, CPR training (the dates of which are all to be determined), high angle training on Thursday, March 24, tracking training on the morning of April 2 (weather dependent), high angle snow field training on Sunday, April 17, and Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services training June 10-12. ACSSAR was invited to and will be at the UW resource fair on Friday, May 25. Medical volunteers are being sought for two upcoming events: the Gowdy Grinder on Sunday, May 22 from 8:00-5:00 (food will be provided), and the Stone Temple 8 on Saturday, September 10 from 8:00-5:00 (more details to come). 

The meeting topic for March is crime scene awareness. A presentation on drone technology will possibly follow and elections will take place at the end of the meeting.

The layout of the election ballot form was reviewed, distribution of absentee ballots was discussed, and what qualifications needed for members to vote were gone over as well. Member removal letters were finalized and Dan adjourned the meeting.  


In attendance: Dan Hutchinson, Dane Purmalis, Paige Hellbaum, Chris Armstrong, Brenna Noll, Bob Meyer, Neil Mathison, and Harold Magness