While we would like to tell you about every mission we participate in, we are unable to do so unless the Albany County Sheriff's Office releases information.

ACSSAR Meeting 29 April 2004

1900 – Meeting started by Cathi, Dan is out right now. Cathi explains about the board meeting minutes being on the ACSSAR website. Cathi read off the bullet points from the board meeting such as radio purchases, location for the SAREX, the dog show contract and schedule for that, the city wellness fair and other community events, the purchase of 1st Aid equipment for instructor use, and the goals for the coming year.

Josh read off the financial report thanks to a prior e-mail from Vikki. With conclusion of the old business, the evening training will start of Swift water awareness.

The official business portion of the ACSSAR meeting move to adjourn by Harold, Charles Nickerson 2nd and motion passes.

1903- Meeting start. Dan discussed the radio purchase that will be upcoming. The discussion is if we want to get the cheaper radios so we can outfit more or go for higher end. Further discussion is still needed with experienced people.

We haven’t purchased any additional gear yet, we need to finish purchasing the climbing gear, Dan is looking to still get some prusik cords and belay devices. Justin brought in a new AED for us.

For the mock search we are still looking for an area to hold it, so far the date seems good to go. We’re hoping to have someone else (other than officers) set up a scenario. Before all that however, we are hoping to get more specific training in regards to skills needed for a search. The discussion is primarily whether if we want to do skills training prior to the mock search or let everybody see what training they need during the mock search. We also decided to cut some of the stuff out so that we hopefully can get a training scenario in and not focus on training that not everyone is previously trained on.

No changes to high angle at this time, Neil still needs to get out and look around to see how the terrain is. Looking at training for high angle, we may start training 2 separate groups 1) beginner 2) more advanced so that Neil doesn’t have to start over again. Neil is going to pick some dates for training and let us know.

No word as of yet on McAlister’s fundraising.

We got the dog show contract tonight; the payout is the same as last year. WYOTech is available to supplement again this year, but we want to try to fill ranks with our personnel. Hours and sign up will be up on the website shortly. Motion was made by Dan to sign the contact, Travis second and motion carried.

Vikki has the FHAB paperwork put in. City wellness fair is June 4th. The 5th grade event in May 20th, Dan has talked to the sheriff about possible trainings. A miniature obstacle course with various stations was discussed in how to engage the 5th graders, included was throw bags, bag packing, bandaging blisters, using items in a pack.

Annie has proposed a summer high school institute working with SAR dogs for June 11th time: 1345-1600. There would be about 15 students and the goal would be to learn about SAR dogs.

Dan showed a RV power converter for charging our radios. The one he’s looking at is the biggest they have and run about $235. Right now we need inverters to charge our radios and we do not have them. These converters would be able to charge the radios without the use of the generator.

While conducting a CPR class it was discovered the training AED’s do not work, Dan would like to look for training AED’s for our use. Research has shown they’re around $240.

Old Corral gave us around $260 during one of their fundraising event. Dan would like to start doing donor plaques or something else to show our appreciation for the support. Travis and Justin also brought up the plaques that have the yearly hangers and think that would be the best idea.

Dan moves to obtain a second, smaller banner for table use. Cathi and 2nd and motion carries.


  • Bump fundraising by roughly 50%
  • Increase membership
  • Mountain bike team
  • Increase support staff stuff
  • Work out mounted
  • Canteen: look into getting one up and running
  • Snowmobilers, establish more snow machine members and training
  • Training quality and quantity
  • Train up replacements for officer/board positions


Upcoming Training:

June 6-8 2014 Joel Hardin Tracking Class

June 27-29 K9 Man trailing seminar

                         We still need additional runners to help out with the class

Wilderness First Aid date set for Aug 2nd and 3rd

25 Mar 2014

1900 Meeting start, we began this month’s meeting with our annual elections, we introduced all available candidates to the group so that everyone knows who they may vote for. While Dan and Matt tally the votes, Vicki delivers the financial report. Cathi also talked about training, we are looking at a mock search coming soon during the end of May (May 31st). Cathi also talked about upcoming swift water and high angle training. So far we have 5 people signed up for the trailing K9 seminar here in Laramie. Also as a reminder, K9 training takes place on Sundays at 2 p.m. and Wednesday at 4 p.m..

Dan covered what we discussed during the Board meeting.

We also handed out more member information sheets so that everyone can fill it out and we can have more up-to date information on our members.

Some of the new vests have come in and have been distributed to those that pay. There are easy payment plans for anyone on a budget, just get ahold of Dan.


Election results:

President: Dan Hutchinson                                                       Board Member (2yr): Travis Wright

Vice President: Matt Allshouse                                                Board Member (2yr): Brenna Noll

Secretary: Josh Hurt                                                                   Board Member (1yr): Dan Hutchinson

Treasurer: Vicki Carrick

Training: Cathi Carr-Lundfelt

Meeting adjourned at 7:42 p.m.

Training this evening is radio communications

Around 8am this morning ACSSAR (with the help of the Snowy Range Snowmobile Club) Received a call-out for an overdue snowmobiler in the Snowy Range in the area of N French Creek. While mobilizing search teams the missing subject was located. Thanks to all those that volunteered to give up there Sunday!

ACSSAR Board Meeting 18 MARCH 2014


1905 We reviewed a different radio to use for search operations, the BaoFeng UV-82, displayed on The price is low enough to afford replacements if any get ruined out in the field.

Dan begins review of attendance and training records, Cathi says we have 28 members attend the first 2014 meeting. Dan brought up the online roster and we reviewed the points system and how to update the roster/tracker. Dan also set up a mock training then ran us through the process of entering of training. We talked about the different events that can accumulate points. Meetings and training obviously count, while out of state and other trainings that do not take place in Laramie will have a different tracking method.

Travis talked about training materials for Red Cross, most of his supplies are not working. He looked on amazon and found some equipment for $1,310. The vests were ordered and will take a significant chunk out of the funding. We discussed several options for getting some revenue back into the checking account such as charging a set amount for 1st aid/CPR for non members. We also talked about American Heart association and other different 1st aid CPR class providers. With the cost of supplies, Dan suggests we defer the acquiring of supplies until June or July. Dan makes a motion to defer, motion carries.

Justin talks about fundraising, no contact to Papa John’s yet. Dominoes will be willing to put our flyers on the pizza boxes and donate part of the proceeds will be given to us. They are pretty booked for March but are open after that. McAlisters can set up a community night, we can set up advertising such as signs, and we will get 5% of the proceeds from that night or 10% if there was a significant increase in sales. The Board Moved to further pursue these fundraising options.

Annie passed out an operations order to get started on Implementation of ACSSAR mountain bike hasty teams. Acquiring of maps of the area was discussed. Annie will need a list of people interested as well as those who have a mountain bike already. Annie also passed out a proposal for ACSSAR fundraising, and discussed the possibility of gift cards or raffles. It was suggested to hold the raffle during Freedom Has a Birthday, gun raffle

Dog teams would like to have door signs for display while they are training and are willing to buy there own. Justin brought up that it may not be a good idea as the other groups within ACSSAR would feel special preference being given and we have worked hard to eliminate that. Decision is to not do signs at this point.

Dan laid out 3-4 different plans that people can use to pay for their vest. 5 @ $25, 4 @ 31.25, 3 @42

A Moch Search is being setup for May 31st. More details will follow over the coming month. After the training, we will also schedule a Lunch BBQ.

The roster was cleaned up with four non-participation members moved to the deactivated list. Three new members were accepted by the Board.  Welcome Christopher Armstrong,  Karlton Schmit, and   Aron Jessien!

January 1st was voted as the cutoff date to start requiring all required training!






June 27, 28 & 29, 2014

Laramie, Wyoming

Sleuth Hounds Mantrailing Instructors:

Marshall Thielen and Colin Thielen

Please join us for a trailing seminar with Master Trainers Marshall Thielen and Colin Thielen in and around Laramie, Wyoming.  The seminar will include both wilderness and urban sessions. Note: This seminar is limited to 6 students per instructor. It is expected to fill fairly quickly. However, if there is sufficient interest, Sleuth Hounds will bring in another instructor.

Marshall Thielen is a partner in the organization. He is a Master Police Officer with a major Police Department in the Washington, D.C. region. He has been a Police Officer since 1993, and has handled both Patrol Dogs and Mantrailing Bloodhounds since 1999. Marshall has lead over 1,700 hours of formal training of canines across the United States and Europe. He is a certified law enforcement instructor for the Commonwealth of Virginia. He has also been certified as an expert witness in the Circuit Court of Fairfax County, Virginia numerous times on sexual assault and homicide cases. He has been featured in numerous news reports across the United States for his work with canines and training canine teams.

Colin Thielen is also a partner in the organization. She served as Chief of a very successful and highly respected search and rescue team. She also served as a SUSAR dog handler. Colin has many years of experience in training dogs of many disciplines. She had been utilized on many high profile criminal cases, disaster responses, and missing person incidents. Her areas of expertise are Human Remains Detection (Cadaver), Mantrailing, Air Scent, Gun Dog Training, and Obedience. Her record of success in the field is impressive and she is highly respected by her peers. Colin has taught Search and Rescue as well as Law Enforcement in various disciplines of canine training throughout the nation.

Mail a copy of the registration form with a check or money order payable to Albany County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue, your K-9’s current shot records (Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordatella vaccinations), and a signed ACSSAR Acceptance of Risk form to:

Cathi Carr-Lundfelt 
Training Officer
Albany County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue
954 N. McCue St., #21
Laramie, Wyoming 82072

Participants will receive email acknowledgement within two weeks of receipt. They will also receive instructions for check in procedures and additional information about seminar activities. Contact Cathi via email at or via phone, 307-742-6399 or 307-399-147, if you have questions.

It is recommended that participants make arrangements for lodging as earlier as possible. There are a number of tourist attractions and activities in and around Laramie in the summer months and hotels and motels have limited availability during this period.

Instructors will be staying at the Holiday Inn. We will also be using one of their conference rooms for group instruction.

We suggest making reservations for accommodations as early as possible. There are a number of tourist related activities scheduled in and around Laramie throughout the summer. Some of the hotels and motels that accept large dogs include:

Holiday Inn:  $83.00 per night plus tax at the government rate. $25.00 fee for large dogs can be waived for service dogs. Let them know that you are attending our seminar.  (307) 721-9000

AmericInn:  $83.00 per night plus tax at the government rate. No dogs over 100 lbs. $25.00 fee per dog per stay. (307) 745-0777

Quality Inn:  $83.00 per night plus tax at the government rate. Fee for dogs can be waived for service dogs. (307) 742-6665

Days Inn:  $79.00 per night plus tax at the government rate. Service dog – no charge. (307) 745-5678

Hampton Inn:  $85.00 per night plus tax at the government rate. No fee for dogs. (307)742-0125

For those who prefer camping, KOA Kampground has RV/trailer spaces at $39.37 for 50 amp service and $37.17 for 30 amp service. It also has a few cabins: 1 room for $40.00 and 2 rooms for $50.00 and there is dog walking area.  The manager says that the cabins will be reserved very quickly. (307) 742-6553

About Sleuth Hounds LLC

ACSAR Meeting 25 Feb 2014

Meeting start, we will be doing photos for ID’s during this meeting. This is only for the new people and anybody who hasn’t previously gotten one.

Please remember that every meetings minutes are online and all are welcome to review and post comments. Vicki began to read the financial report, she also transferred $4,000 to cover the purchase of the vests. There were no substantial incomes for this month.

Matt reviewed the board meeting minutes with everyone; every officer position as well as 3 board member positions are available. Cathi brings up that even if a person doesn’t want to take the position right away, it would be good to shadow a position to learn about it. Matt continued to review the board minutes.

Cathi discusses training; A civilian participated in a dog shoe=w and won, she expressed interest in donating the money won from the Laramie Boomerang to the SAR K9 unit. Cathi is following up with the person. The wilderness first aid class is tentatively scheduled for August 2nd and 3rd, this will be an overnight class and instruction will last a minimum of 16 hours.

Travis mentioned that an ICS 300 class will be held in Cheyenne 3rd 4th and 5th of March, this will be free.

Anybody else who is interested in purchasing a vest please contact Travis or Justin, price is $125. We’re looking to set up a buyback program if you decide to leave and do not want to keep your vest.

The regulations will start to take effect on January 1st 2015, so members who still need training or required equipment have time to meet standards.

Matt explained which positions are available and Justin explained what each position entails as far as time in position and duty requirements.

Training for this meeting is Introduction to Search and Rescue with Cathi

Harold moves to adjourn, Matt 2nd’s and motion carries.

With Neil recently retrieving from the Sheriff's Office the Board of Directors wanted to keep him busy and out of trouble! 550 cord bracelets seem to be all the rage right now and well we could use some extra funds, so who better to make them!



Congrats on your retirement Neil!!! Enjoy the Rope!

ACSSAR Meeting 28 January 28, 2014

1917 Meeting start, Brian Fritzen gives a debrief of the call out and search from the previous weekend

1920 Vicki gives out the financial report for the previous 2 months (no meeting was held on December).

The tags for the 4 place trailer are due for renewal, we are going to hold off for now.

Cathi begins discussing the training schedule for 2014 and hands out copies. CRP is still scheduled for the 1st of February; First Aid certification will take place on the 8th and then the 22nd. Reminder that K9 training is being held twice a week in Laramie, for further details contact Cathi. We will have a K9 seminar this year as well by some respected K9 workers. We will need assistants during that time (non-K9 personnel). Cathi asks if anyone has any spare vehicles that they could loan ACSSAR for the personnel coming in for the training so we can save money from a rental.

Since we have so many new people at the meeting we conducted more introductions with everyone.

Official SAR vests are discussed; Brenda brought one as an example. We would require orange over any other color but there are 2 different styles available. The vest is passed around for everyone to check out. The vests can be found at

Justin talked about the NIMS 700 certification and other classes/tests that are required and that can be taken online.

For new business: we have elections coming up soon. We would like to set up a nomination committee. If anyone would like to help out with the organization we strongly encourage. Matt and Cathi volunteer to spearhead the committee.

We also have a fundraising letter coming up in April. We use these fundraisers to help maintain and acquire new equipment and training. We need to make sure that the letter gets out in April, timing is everything.

We would like to purchase a new CD in March so we have a CD coming up every quarter.

Some of the Board members are getting to together to come up with better plans of keeping records of training. Cathi has started a spreadsheet and explains how the system would work. This would also be available online so anyone can check their records.

Matt says that the collection jars set up around town have brought in about $65 in a month. The state SAR fund and donation is discussed and explained to some of the new members.

Dan presents Neil Matheson with a retirement gift from ACSSAR.

Dan also goes over the tracking class for later in the year along with passing out applications for the class.

Justin explained the meeting with the Sheriff about SAR (further details in the Jan 21st Board meeting minutes).

2008 Meeting is adjourned Harold moves (carries)


At 10:56 (1/25/2014 )this morning Albany County Sheriff's Search & Rescue received a request for a call-out for four lost snowmobilers overdue from a Friday ride in the Snowy Range above Albany. We responded with several teams and support personnel along with teams from the Sheriffs Office.

At approximately 1750 cell phone contact was established with the missing party. From that communication, it was established the party was near the junction of C and S trails.

At 1925 a stand down was received and all four were safe.

Thank you to those that responded!


Update: Official News Release from the Albany County Sheriff's Office.

ACSSAR Board Meeting 21-Jan-14

Meeting started at 1900, Dan handed out the agenda and we began with old business. We discussed uniforms; vests were quoted at $125. We would have to do a 20 minimum order in order to get a discount. We are hoping to get at least 12 people to volunteer to pay for their own. Dan is going to get some quotes for prices (bulk) Kurt moved for a vote to get the quote, motion carried.

Cathi handed out a new training schedule for 2014. The agenda for CPR/1st Aid has changed slightly; the class scheduled for the 1st will just cover 1st CPR. We also are required to provide each student with a CPR mask upon qualification but Red Cross no longer supplies.  CPR will take place at a later date. Dan motions to spend $200 for CPR masks, Cathi seconds and motion carries. A Wilderness 1st aid class will be tentatively scheduled for June or July.

We continue to evaluate the training schedule; the swift water class will include ropes and knots. We hope to bring in an instructor for man tracking to gain some tracking awareness for everybody. Due to complications and an increase in trainings Justin proposes breaking down the discipline trainings with the individual picking which discipline they wish to develop in.

Matt proposes having prerequisite classes before tackling specialized classes.

Still need to conduct more pack checks

New Business:

March Elections will be coming up; Cathi proposes assembling a committee for nominations.

Voting member status was discussed with a voting member being someone who 1) has attended 6 or more meetings/trainings and 2) has a successful application 3)has at least made half of their events since application approval.

Vicki wants to do another CD for March for $2000. Dan moves for approval and motion carries

A central location for hard copies of records was decided at the Sheriff’s Office. Justin will look into it.

Cathi passed out e-mails that discuss a dog team seminar; she would like to bring a trainer in. We will need extra commitment from non-k9 people as well to help support this mission.

Dan did an overview of the email newsletter and how it tracks certain statistics.

We still need member information for the website

Justin talks about fundraising options available for us. McAllister’s does sponsorship that we could do. Dominoes does something similar with an attached leaflet to their pizza boxes. We could put up brouchers that describe our mission and our trainings. The board decides to look into these further.

Justin and Dan sat down with the Sheriff and a deputy and discussed the progress over the past 2 years. They are willing to assist us in many different ways. The SO would like to see us conduct more training.

A mounted SAR team was discussed; availability would be the first hurdle. We talked about a link up with the Cheyenne team. More research will be required at this point.

The SO also brought up the idea of a mobile canteen/mess. They would be willing to reimburse costs of food stuffs purchased the day of use.

Fundraising letter needs to be started this month. Our goal last year was radios and we were successful. We also need more ideas for what to shoot for this year.

The Board and officers also reviewed several new member applications, results to be discussed further.

Meeting adjourned at 2120


In Attendance







Matt (conference call)


Attendance: Dan, Matt, Kurt, Neil, Justin

Topics of discussion:
1)    Vests
  a.    Ski Area Supply – Deluxe Vest, Orange w/black yoke, reflective 1’’ strip on chest/back, give one option and see if there are any objections and who are willing to pay
  b.    Expense – Personal vs. SAR, partial payment,
  c.    Deposit for new members could go towards vest cost
2)    January meeting – Tabletop training after meeting for lost snowmobiler, from previous search w/more than 1 lost party (Kathy, Dan, Neil)
3)    Pack Check – Lists -  after crime scene, break up into groups, board/chair member each lead a small group
4)    Donation jars- Matt/Dan
5)    Holiday Dinner – Matt - DATES AVAILABLE 6th or 13th or Thursday nights? (Old Corral – Brent and Myra Gates*), (Bernie’s – 12/6 is open $11.50/person buffet), (Altitude –)
6)    Training -  Upcoming (Justin – highangle, water/technical) Avy – Dan/Cathy, WRF – Neil, Schedule – Cathy
7)    Shed – need place for gear, rental, trailer, Dan’s house?
nistrator, display this info on the title bar.
8)  Discussion and vote of member proposed fundraiser.