Assist Injured Hiker on Laramie Peak 

Aug 11th - Mission Report

Tuesday August 11th 2:28pm, ACSSAR received a request form the Albany County Sheriff’s Office to assist an injured hiker near the top of Laramie Peak in Northern Albany County.  Teams from ACSSAR along with several rescue personnel from  Converse County assisted the injured off the mountain and arrived back at the trail head around 10pm. ACSSAR responded with twelve rescuers for the initial call and an additional two for support later in the night.  All ACSSAR personnel had returned to Laramie by 2am.

ACSSAR Personnel: 12 Rescuers, 2 support, 2 ACSO Deputies
Vehicles: 6
Miles: Approx. 220 miles round trip
Other agencies involved: Albany County Sheriff’s Office, Converse County Sheriff’s Office and Converse County Search & Rescue

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Injured Snowboarder 

Medicine Bow Peak

Busy week for ACSSAR, 9 am July 4th, once again paged out for a rescue on Medicine Bow Peak. This time an injured snowboarder near School House Rock. The injured snowboarder was lowered by the high angle team to a waiting ground team, transferred to a litter and carried to Lake Marie. From there a waiting raft was used to transport across the lake to the ambulance. All in all about 6 hours of Team Work! ACSSAR worked with other agencies including Albany County Sheriff's Office, Carbon County Sheriff's Office, Carbon County Search and Rescue, Wyoming Highway Patrol and others. 
Good work all!

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Lost hiker near Medicine Bow Peak 

July 1st, 2015

July 1, 2015

At approximately 7:35pm Wednesday July 1st, ACSSAR was requested to assist the Albany County Sheriff’s Office in a search for a lost hiker near Medicine Bow Peak. Four teams were deployed through the night consisting of 14 ACSSAR members and 2 ACSO Deputies. The lost subject was located around 4am near Reservoir Lake and helped back to the trailhead around dawn. The subject was was cold but able to walk out on her own with guidance from the rescuers.

Many of those involved in the rescue had been practicing High Angle Rescue at Vedauwoo that evening and were able remobilize quickly for the search 60 miles west.




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May 8th High Angle Rescue 


-    On Monday afternoon (060815) the Albany County Sheriff’s Office received a call for assistance in the Vedauwoo campground area. It was reported that an 11 year old boy had become stranded in a precarious location while climbing on a rock formation.  
-    Upon arrival of Deputies, they determined that High Angle climbers from the office were required to assist the boy down from his position.
-    Experienced climbers from the Wyoming State Patrol, and Albany County Search and Rescue also responded to assist if needed.  
-    Climbers were eventually able to bring the boy down to safety with no injuries
-    This is the Sheriff’s office first High Angle rescue this spring. Rescues are common in the same general throughout this spring and summer.
-    The Sheriff’s office would like to remind recreational climbers to be aware of the locations that they place themselves in which results in have to be rescued.  Even experienced climbers with the proper equipment and experience, will at times become injured. If stranded please remain calm and know rescuers are on their way. It is highly recommended that no one attempt to climb in the area without a friend or companion.
-    No matter the situation, the Albany County Sheriff’s Office will always respond to assist. Please call 307-721-2526 or 911 if you need of assistance of any kind.


Robert J. DeBree
Albany County Sheriff’s Office


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General Meeting Location Change 

ACSSAR is now meeting at the Sheriff's Office SAR building for our monthly meetings. The meeting time and date will remain the same, 7 pm the last Tuesday of the month.

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2015 Officer and Board Elections 


The elections are in, the results are tallied, and....
Congratulations to the 2015 ACSSAR Officers and Board!

And thank you to all of those who served this past year.
The 2015 results are as follows:

President: Dan Hutchison
Vice President: Chris Armstrong
Treasurer: Paige Hellbaum
Training: Jason Sheathelm
Secretary: Dane Purmalis
Board Members:
(1yr) Kurt Braisted
(2yr) Matt Allshouse
(2yr) Josh Hurt

Here's to another great year with ACSSAR!

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Overdue Hiker 

February 14th 2015

February 14th at 12:28 am - Albany County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue received a request for assistance from the Sheriff’s Office in a search for an overdue hiker in the Chimney Park area off of Hwy 230.  With temperatures near 25 degrees, hasty teams including K9s began deploying to the area and were on scene around 2am. An additional 14 ACSSAR members and additional deputies arrived on scene around 7am. As teams began to deploy from the staging area, the subject made his way back to the parking area and was in good health.  Thanks To all responding!

Sheriff’s Office Deputies
  Ground Teams –
  K9 Team –
  Snowmobile Team – 

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Avalanche Level 1 Training Opportunity 

Avalanche Level 1 Training Opportunity
As announced at the meeting and Avalanche Awareness Training last night, the National Ski Patrol, Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol, and Snowy Range Ski Patrol are offering a Avalanche Level 1 class here in Laramie next month. You will not find a more affordable class at this level anywhere, and there is still room to join!

Module 1: Avalanche Foundations
Module 2: Avalanche Safety and Rescue Skills

Level 1 Avalanche course, Modules 1 and 2, offered by the National Ski Patrol, Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol, and Snowy Range Ski Patrol.

The course is open to both the general public and members of the ski patrol.
This is a National Ski Patrol course with both classroom (Module 1) and on-the-snow (Module 2) experience. Participants will receive credit for both modules, and be prepared to take Organized Avalanche Rescue (Module 3) additionally if desired.
TOPICS COVERED: Avalanche conditions, human factors, snow conditions, weather, route selection, transceivers, avoiding an avalanche, and rescue - what to do if you or a member of your group is caught by an avalanche.
Tuesday February 17th,        6:00 to 9:30 pm
                    Thursday February 19th,       6:00 to 9:30 pm
                    Sunday February, 22nd         all day field session
                    Tuesday February 24th,        6:00 to 9:30 pm
                    Sunday March 1st              all day field session
COST: $32 plus text (Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain, 2nd edition, Bruce Tremper, 2008), payable at the first class
PLACE: Room 215, UW Classroom Building
Want to Refresh? If you have taken this course in the past, the National Ski Patrol recommends you refresh every three years. There have been significant changes. Refresher cost is $10 plus cost of texts.


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Overdue Snowmobilers 

Dec.22 2014

At 8:24am Albany County Sheriff's Office contacted ACSSAR with a standby request for assistance in searching for three overdue snowmobiler. It was then discovered several of ACSSAR snowmobile team were already preparing for a leisure ride and were then routed to assist in the search. Around 10am all were located safe.

As the winter season begins to take shape,  ACSSAR would like to remind all winter outdoor enthusiasts to be prepared for mother nature. Please take adequate steps to be safe before you venture out this winter.

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October 29th 2014 Callout 

Mission Report - Carryout Near Pickaroon/Pike Pole Campground

Team Mission Report

Team members responding: 10

Miles: 6 vehicles @ 120 miles  round trip = 720miles

Hours: 5 hr = 50 man hours

Other Responding: Albany County Sheriff's Office, Laramie Fire Department, Big Laramie Fire Department, AirLife Denver


News Release from the Albany County Sheriff's Office

October 30, 2014

- At approximately 5:29 P.M. Deputies of the Albany County Sheriff's office received a call to respond to the area of the Platte River Wilderness Area near the Pickaroon Campground near a trailhead that leads into the wilderness area.

- Dispatch received the call from a man who had been hiking in the area. The hiker had been approached by another man on a horse saying that his friend had fallen while riding a horse and needed medical assistance as it was apparent that he may have broken bones. The man needed to hike to an area where he was able to make cell phone contact to request assistance.

- Albany County Deputies immediately began their response to the area yet due to the remoteness of the area, did not arrive until approximately 7:30 P.M.

- Additional resources had been requested by the responding Deputies, which included (Two) EMT personnel from the Big Laramie Volunteer Fire Department, 10 Albany County Search and Rescue volunteers, and the Flight for Life helicopter and its crew.

- Deputies and other members of the Rescue team immediately began walking approximately one half mile up the rugged trail, where the man was located and it was discovered that he had a compound fracture to his femur.

- Rescue personnel carried the victim out of the trail area, to the awaiting helicopter.

- The victim was then airlifted to a Colorado area hospital to care for his injuries.


Robert J. DeBree (Undersheriff)

Albany County Sheriff's Office

Laramie, WY





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