While we would like to tell you about every mission we participate in, we are unable to do so unless the Albany County Sheriff's Office releases information.

Sept - 7th -  1625 ACSSAR  received a call out due to a Personal Locator Beacon being activated in the Centennial Ridge area. Eleven members had responded and were in route when a Stand Down was issued at 1725. The couple who activated the PLB were located and accounted for. Thanks to those able to responded.


August 30, 2153 hours ACSSAR received a call out for assistance from the Medicine Bow Peak / Lewis Lake area for two men needing assistance while on a hike. Both were cold, wet and exhausted due to weather. ACSSAR along with deputies from the sheiffs office mobilized for a multiple carry-out rescue operation that completed around 0800 this morning. Thank you to those members responding!

ACSSAR Board Meeting 8/19/14

1900 Meeting start, old business starts with the weapons policy. Dan wants to bring any final drafts to the whole group at the next meeting, Josh brought up that on the form it doesn’t specify if a hard copy Carry Conceal Permit is required. Dan printed out a draft of a proposed policy, after reviewing the draft some changes on wording was suggested and implemented.

Radios: Dan will be making the radio purchase soon, at the meeting we will ask if anyone is going to make private purchase.

High Angle training: there will be another class coming up this Monday.

Fundraising: Matt dropped off the application for McAllister’s fundraiser. The days will be in Sept 8th, 16th, 24th (tentatively). Old Corral Sept 11th will be the next donation dinner day.

Jelm Mtn run, we will have a sign-up sheet at the next meeting for Sept 20th

Training: Search Management; Cathi is still trying to lock up a date for the class, possibly the first weekend in October. 18th is going to be first choice, the 4th will be an alternate.

Donor Plaques: still need to come up with a list of who will receive.

Cathi will be speaking to a congregation at Saint Matthews about service dogs (search dogs) and what she does with them.

Trailer: We still plan on bringing the trailer to the general meeting for training associated. A work day will be planned soon.

New business starts with short haul training, the SO has tried multiple times to get it scheduled but it ended up being an orientation to Life Flight.

Dan is still working on the call out policy

August Meeting will be trailer orientation/training

Red Cross: Brenna briefed the Board on training opportunities for us for fundraising. Red Cross would charge a material fee and we could keep any funds from training outside people for fundraising for ACSSAR. Dan and Brenna will be going to class this weekend to teach and certify for 1st aid CPR. We would need to replace some of our training aids but Dan believes we would still end up making money for the group. Dan’s only concern would be that Red Cross wants us to be able to teach for the whole area. This would be very beneficial for the group no matter what but we need volunteers willing to get the certification and are willing to teach.

Matt will be ordering more shirts soon, he will be confirming which sizes to order and types.

The land nav course was an amazing success, we would like to bring in Russell Clark for even more training, he even proposed a full on mock search for the future where he would bring in all his communication equipment.

Meeting End at 2000



In Attendance

Dan Hutchinson

Brenna Noll

Cathi Carr-Lundelt

Matt Allshouse

Josh Hurt

ACSSAR Meeting 7/29/14

1900- Meeting Start Josh read off the board meeting minutes, Vikki read off the financial report with some errors, the official and revised report will be emailed to Josh for the official record. Dan read off the training report, the tracking class has been canceled but Dan and Brenna will try to set up a class on Thursday. If interested, sign up will be here. WFA class was also canceled due to lack of interest, Travis will attempt to set up a class in 2015, there will be 1st aid class soon for those who need to certify.

High angle training; we’re still trying to set up a lot of training throughout the summer, the next training is the 11th of August, there will be an additional one on the 25th.

The tracking classes scheduled need to be re-scheduled.

Dan brought in the vests and shirts for any of those who wish to get them tonight.

New Business, please pay attention the call back number provided in the call out, that number will have the most up to date information. If you miss the first call out, call dispatch for information about what is going on. If you cannot participate in a callout, please respond to the call out regardless, the same goes for the stand down call, it helps to track who may still be in route to the call out. You can text back a reply to the call out, this is preferred.

Recent calls: overdue hikers, 7/18 we had people in the field, the stand down was given rather quickly.

Injured skier 7/20- the skier sent a thank you and a check for $100, it was a long carry out

7/21 head injury- injured person was able to walk out so the stand down was given early.

Old Corral next thankful Thursday is Aug 7th, the final one is Sept 11th.

Trailer work day, there is still quite some work needing to be done and the power supply needs to be hooked up, suggestions are welcome on possible days that would work. Vikki adds that the title for the mule is in Vikki and Mike’s safe deposit box, their son and daughter also have access.

Weapons policy is in draft form, an email will be sent out to all members for review.

The Jelm Mountain run is coming up on the 20th of September.

Reminder: K9 training meets up regularly each week, feel free to contact Cathi to sign up to be contacted for scheduling.

Tonight’s training will be working with K9 teams.



ACSSAR Board Meeting 22-July-2014
1900 Meeting Start, old business: we are going to order 6 of the Wouxon radios at 199.99 a piece.
Dan is starting to compile different channels that we will need. Cathi needs any attendance
rosters from this months call out thus far. High angle training will increase due to
requests from participants, Dan will put out emails regarding upcoming training dates.
There will be classes on basic climbing and Dan hopes to set up a days focusing on litters.
MacAllisters is in for fundraising, days need to be figured out and the application needs to be
turned in, Matt suggests that we do Tuesday nights since they are high traffic nights. Brenna
suggests that we pick a tuesday night the same as a meeting and invite members out to
MacAllisters before the meeting to hopefully raise the sales the required 5%. Aug 7th is the next
thankfull thursday for Old Corral.
Training: Cathi hasn't heard back yet about Search Management, she will keep trying. The tracking
class price has drastically dropped but it still is the same class if anyone still wants to sign
up for it in Ft. Collins. Donor plaques, there are about 9-10 donations over $100 but most are not
businesses. Laramie GM did a donation and also loaned us the use of a vehicle for our seminar.
Dan has the new power supply for the trailer, Dan wants to install that at the next trailer work
New Business
Dan counted the vests and there are still several that need to be picked up, we also have sold
a few that weren't previously spoken for. We still have about 10 left. We are down to only a few
t-shirts left so we may need to purchase more, Matt has volunteered to go forward with that.
Short Haul training for high angle is coming up this weekend.
Call out policy and procedures, due to Dan being out this past weekend some weak points in the
call out were identified. Dan will be making some changes to the system to improve user interface
and ease of use. Dan drafted a memo of call out prodecures that determines protocol in
call out situations.
Patches and window hangers, there was some interest from some people to obtain a couple of patches
 for collecting purposes. and and the board discussed the future availability of these
identifiers and agree that identifing insignia should be kept to members only and policed
appropriately when a member leaves the group.
July Meeting training: We would like for Travis to due a segway for Wilderness 1st aid but he is currently
out of town. We still need people for this training (at least 6 to make it worth wile)
Weapons policy is still being discussed, it is still ongoing.
In Attendance:
Dan Hutchinson
Neil Matheson
Brenna Noll
Cathi Carr-Lundfelt
Josh Hurt
Matt Allshouse

Its been a vary busy week for ACSSAR, with four calls for assistance.

7/14 - Overdue hikers on the Medicine Bow Peak Trail - Stood down as hikers made it back to trail head.

7/18 - Overdue hiker in the Lake Marie Area - Request for ground and ATV teams

7/20 - Injured skier near Sugerloaf recreation area

7/21 - Injured Hiker near South Gap Lake. - Stood Down as hiker made it to trail head.

ACSSAR Meeting 27-May-2014

Meeting start: Dan read off the minutes from the April board meeting. Josh read off the financial report from an e-mail from Vicki.

Annie talked about some bike training upcoming in Colorado, hopefully get some ideas for our bike team setup.

Harold moves to adjurn, Travis second, meeting adjourned.



ACSSAR Board Meeting 17-June-2014

1900 - Call to order, Old business is discussed, radios are first. We are close to coming to a decision to purchasing the Wouxon DB-16x which retail for $119.99. Dan believes these are the way to go; they are simple and can talk with GRMS radios that we already have (Garmin Rino’s). The options and various capabilities are discussed over with Neil since he has some experience with those radios. The entire purchase would be; the radios (6), the programming cable, an external microphone (6), and eventually a replacement battery.

Matt moves to purchase, Travis 2nd and the motion passes.

The Sheriff is very interested in the possibility of a mountain bike team. Dan believes the board should really get behind Annie and her endeavor. We would like to be able to get 6-8 people to join in. Maps for mountain bike do not exist right now, but the board discussed several options on how to develop maps of our own.

Neil talks about the High angle training that was done this month, descent turn out with around 7 people. They went over anchors and setting in, using the anchors to raise people, and various high/low angle training. Neil would like to use a different area for variety in training and ease in teaching. Matt also is open to doing some evening workshops in basics of climbing so Neil could cover more advanced tactics. Matt will send out an email with details on the workshop.

Fundraising, Matt is going to take over the fundraising aspect to McAlister’s. The next Old Corral fundraising in July 3rd, Dan will try to attend. The letter has been sent out to Modern Printing.

Dan talked to a design shop (Star Awards) to help with a plaque for appreciating; a pack of 5 would be around $80. Cathi mentions that we definitely need to do one for GM for the vehicles. Dan wants a count of how many and who the board thinks would qualify for a plaque before ordering.

Training:  Cathi got a hold of Kirk for search management. She will have more information as soon as he becomes more available.

Tracking; there is another class upcoming Aug 15-17 in Ft Collins.

We have FHAB coming up soon; the whistles should be here soon for handouts. We’ll know more about the setup as the event gets closer. Travis looked around for canopies and will keep looking, we have 1 but are needing at least 1 more. Brenna has one that we can use if necessary. Matt will be heading up the Jubilee Days parade, he has a car trailer to use but he will not be here that weekend. Matt will send out an email to the group for ideas or for volunteers.

Trailer Power: Dan thinks the power supply for the trailer didn’t handle the bumps from normal usage. It could just be a fuse, Neil is going to look at it this week and evaluate the issue. Dan did a little research and found a power supply that he believes should have been installed initially that run $235 (on sale). Cathi moves to purchase, Travis 2nd and motion carries.

The Board has decided to move on an official weapon policy, more discussion and evaluation to follow.

Motion for reimbursement for Brenna’s expenses for the tracking class by Cathi, Travis 2nd and motion passes.

Harold moves meeting adjourned, Dan 2nd, and meeting ends.

In Attendance

Dan Hutchinson

Cathi Carr-Lundfelt

Neil Matheson

Josh Hurt

Brenna Noll

Travis Wright

Harold Magness

On Saturday May 24th at 10:50 am, ACSSAR was requested to mobilize for a search in the Laramie Peak area. The missing subject had been separated from his camping partner the previous evening while hiking. Not much else was known, but the subject was located before responding members were able to depart for the search location.

At approx. 6:00 pm Saturday May 3rd, ACSSAR received a call-out for an injured climber at Vedauwoo. A team of nearly 15 were in route and on scene when the subject walked out with assistance from friends. Thank you to those responding!

Stand Down Call ~ 7:00pm

ACSSAR Meeting 29 April 2004

1900 – Meeting started by Cathi, Dan is out right now. Cathi explains about the board meeting minutes being on the ACSSAR website. Cathi read off the bullet points from the board meeting such as radio purchases, location for the SAREX, the dog show contract and schedule for that, the city wellness fair and other community events, the purchase of 1st Aid equipment for instructor use, and the goals for the coming year.

Josh read off the financial report thanks to a prior e-mail from Vikki. With conclusion of the old business, the evening training will start of Swift water awareness.

The official business portion of the ACSSAR meeting move to adjourn by Harold, Charles Nickerson 2nd and motion passes.

1903- Meeting start. Dan discussed the radio purchase that will be upcoming. The discussion is if we want to get the cheaper radios so we can outfit more or go for higher end. Further discussion is still needed with experienced people.

We haven’t purchased any additional gear yet, we need to finish purchasing the climbing gear, Dan is looking to still get some prusik cords and belay devices. Justin brought in a new AED for us.

For the mock search we are still looking for an area to hold it, so far the date seems good to go. We’re hoping to have someone else (other than officers) set up a scenario. Before all that however, we are hoping to get more specific training in regards to skills needed for a search. The discussion is primarily whether if we want to do skills training prior to the mock search or let everybody see what training they need during the mock search. We also decided to cut some of the stuff out so that we hopefully can get a training scenario in and not focus on training that not everyone is previously trained on.

No changes to high angle at this time, Neil still needs to get out and look around to see how the terrain is. Looking at training for high angle, we may start training 2 separate groups 1) beginner 2) more advanced so that Neil doesn’t have to start over again. Neil is going to pick some dates for training and let us know.

No word as of yet on McAlister’s fundraising.

We got the dog show contract tonight; the payout is the same as last year. WYOTech is available to supplement again this year, but we want to try to fill ranks with our personnel. Hours and sign up will be up on the website shortly. Motion was made by Dan to sign the contact, Travis second and motion carried.

Vikki has the FHAB paperwork put in. City wellness fair is June 4th. The 5th grade event in May 20th, Dan has talked to the sheriff about possible trainings. A miniature obstacle course with various stations was discussed in how to engage the 5th graders, included was throw bags, bag packing, bandaging blisters, using items in a pack.

Annie has proposed a summer high school institute working with SAR dogs for June 11th time: 1345-1600. There would be about 15 students and the goal would be to learn about SAR dogs.

Dan showed a RV power converter for charging our radios. The one he’s looking at is the biggest they have and run about $235. Right now we need inverters to charge our radios and we do not have them. These converters would be able to charge the radios without the use of the generator.

While conducting a CPR class it was discovered the training AED’s do not work, Dan would like to look for training AED’s for our use. Research has shown they’re around $240.

Old Corral gave us around $260 during one of their fundraising event. Dan would like to start doing donor plaques or something else to show our appreciation for the support. Travis and Justin also brought up the plaques that have the yearly hangers and think that would be the best idea.

Dan moves to obtain a second, smaller banner for table use. Cathi and 2nd and motion carries.


  • Bump fundraising by roughly 50%
  • Increase membership
  • Mountain bike team
  • Increase support staff stuff
  • Work out mounted
  • Canteen: look into getting one up and running
  • Snowmobilers, establish more snow machine members and training
  • Training quality and quantity
  • Train up replacements for officer/board positions


Upcoming Training:

June 6-8 2014 Joel Hardin Tracking Class

June 27-29 K9 Man trailing seminar

                         We still need additional runners to help out with the class

Wilderness First Aid date set for Aug 2nd and 3rd