June Board Meeting


Brenna opened the meeting at 7pm. Paige conducted a financial report and discussed options for a fundraiser at McAlister’s this fall.


Grant options and estimates for purchasing more dry suits for the swift water team were discussed. The 4-wheelers are in the process of getting worked on to see if they will run before we decide to sell them.


  •  New member class scheduled for Wednesday July 13 at 6:30pm
  • Mock search scheduled for Saturday July 16th
  • CPR/FA/AED class is in the process of being scheduled for the end of July
  • More high angle/snowfield classes are going to be planned. Beginner classes for those who may be interested will likely be taking place soon.
  • Wilderness first Aid class for instructors and WFA certification will be held either August 6th or 13th


Updates to the membership application include a description of the 6 month probationary period and the following questions: how long are you going to be here, why you want to join the group, do you hold a valid drivers license.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting and all were in favor.

In attendance: Brenna, Neil, Alan, Curt, Paige, Bob, and Lisa.